We’re All At Least A Bit More Stressed Right Now; Check Out These Relaxation Tips And Techniques 

While most of us are staying home and/or keeping our distance from others, current events are raising stress levels for even the most even-keeled among us. Read on to see what you can do to reduce this negative reaction to change and keep up your immune system, which can be compromised when the body is under stress. 

Know That Stress Taxes Your Immune System

Stress isn’t merely psychological. A person under stress can exhibit physical, mental, or emotional manifestations, such as muscle tension, trouble concentrating/focusing, and irritability. 

Stress causes the body to produce greater levels of the hormone cortisol. While cortisol normally fights inflammation, too much can have the opposite effect. Stress also lowers your white blood cell count, making you more vulnerable to viruses. What’s more, too-high stress levels can cause depression or anxiety.

Remember That Stress Is Normal

Stress  can be caused by bad or good events, such as a new job, marriage, or baby. 

Truth is, our bodies are designed to handle stress, which is defined as a reaction to any change that warrants a response. We just have to remind ourselves of what to do in order to alleviate stress. 

Practice Relaxation Techniques

The good news is that you can alleviate most symptoms of stress and boost your immune strength through stress-management techniques including exercise and relaxation.

After a stressful day, it certainly is tempting to binge-watch your new favorite show on Netflix. But don’t take it too far. When dealing with high stress levels, getting a good night’s sleep is more important than ever—so don’t stay up late just to finish the season. In addition, it’s important to exercise regularly to combat stress (so don’t get too comfortable on that primo couch seat). And be careful about binge eating while binge watching. Your body needs a balanced diet and proper nutrients when you’re under a lot of stress.

And, remember to drink the proper amount of water each day. Dehydration is another way to weaken your immune system. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day.

What to do with all that extra time now that you’re just catching an episode or two of must-see TV? How about going for a walk or bike ride, or maybe even a swim? 

Another good option is to spend some time meditating or simply relaxing without the TV. These days there is no shortage of online videos offering follow along guides to deep breathing, yoga, meditation, or other mindfulness activities, as well as a multitude of exercise routines.

My personal favorite de-stressor? A nice warm Epsom salts bath with some soft music to end the day. I’ll worry about everything else tomorrow. 

If you would like more information on how The Pickled Beet can help you manage your overall health through food, contact us. We cook in a commercial kitchen, following all CDC guidelines and offer no contact deliveries. 

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