Miami is one of the corporate capitals of the U.S., however nearly 86% of its workforce may be neglecting the bottom line… their health.

An article by Business Insider discusses how busy professionals devoted to their accelerating careers are consequently also at increased risk for medical maladies like heart and cardiovascular diseases, obesity, elevated stress and inflammation, and poor sleep.

But how  are individuals supposed to remedy this startling statistic? 

Around mountains of meetings, tons of travel, and lacking lunch breaks, it seems impossible to be thinking about a lifestyle overhaul that incorporates the well-known basics like physical exercise, meal prepping, and mid-day yoga.

Well, The Pickled Beet is here to tell you, it could be as easy as automating a healthy diet.

Not only is a nutritious diet beneficial for the overall wellness of the individual, but creating a healthy, energetic, and clear-thinking team is also an essential benefit of a successful and collaborative business.


Eat Balanced Meals Instead of Snacking

Your body craves nutrient-dense foods, whether your palate is inclined to choose kale and iron-rich meat over burgers and fries or not. Macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats) all play a role in increased satiety, optimal hormone release, cognitive efficiency, even mood and critical thinking. However, when you snack or “graze” throughout the day, more often than not you will tend to choose just one single macronutrient to snack on such as chips, fruit, processed energy bars, or a handful of trail mix. 

Now, while some of these snack options are more nutrient-dense than others, they still only incorporate one or two of the macronutrients needed to round out a complete, healthy meal. The result might include feelings of hunger again a short time later, spikes in blood sugar, energy surges and crashes, or overeating your needed calories throughout the day. You may be feeding your palate, but your body is  telling you it still needs more.

By choosing well-rounded, balanced meals that incorporate nutrient-dense ingredients and whole foods, you can  minimize these negative effects and ensure satiety, long-lasting energy, and better overall nutrition. By choosing complete meals, you allow yourself to make intentional choices throughout the day about what you eat and tend to deter “mindless eating” as opportunities to participate in “Office Donut Day” or exploring the communal snack cabinets arise. 

Tired of takeout and no time to pack healthy meals? We can take care of delivering fresh, nutrient dense meals directly to your home or office multiple times per week.


Choose Better Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

When that 2:00pm energy crash hits, reach for something besides the additive-ridden energy drink or hyper-caffeinated espresso drink. Get a post-meeting boost from nutritious options like freshly pressed juices packed with vitamins and antioxidants, follow a 10 minute guided breathing exercise you can do anywhere, or get on your feet for a walk around the building, or preferably outside.

The simple act of walking has immediate health benefits that warrant it to become a regular component to your daily routine. Walking accelerates your metabolism and increases blood oxygen levels, helping to boost energy by efficiently moving nutrients around your body that you ingest from your food. Walking also slightly elevates your heart rate and gets your blood pumping which can boost your mood, creativity, and help you think more clearly.

Sip on a freshly pressed organic juice from The Pickled Beet while you get your steps in, and you’ve got the secret weapon to an afternoon of continued productivity.


Make It a Team Effort With Corporate Catering

Now knowing the health benefits that more nutritious food choices can bring to individual employees, why would you delay establishing better habits for your entire team?

According to the CDC, companies that prioritize the health of their employees have more individuals in the office every day, minimize the use of sick time, and reduce presenteeism (the measurable extent to which health conditions adversely affect the work productivity of employees). Businesses also benefit from better moods, creativity, and energy levels across departments when team members prioritize their health and feel their best.

“Bitstops workplace culture has been significantly enhanced by the catered lunches provided from the Pickled Beet. The quick to prepare, healthy and delicious, meals brings much joy to our lunch time. Our relationship with the Pickled Beet has promoted productivity and collaboration by providing a common meal time for all to sit together and eat.” – Neil Hernandez, CTO of Bitstop.co

The Pickled Beet offers corporate catering options for daily or weekly lunches, trainings and workshops, or major corporate celebrations and events. Just like our weekly personal chef service for individuals and families, our professional chefs can tailor menu items and meal requests to accommodate members of your team with food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Simply email us or call 305-388-3536 to discuss your office’s unique needs and we’ll put together the perfect menu to bring your team together.

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