Whether you’re on a medically-based special diet, or are just trying to eat more healthfully, it can be hard to make and maintain dietary changes. At The Pickled Beet we take the logistics of meal planning and preparation off your plate… and then load that plate up with goodness. Here’s how it works.

Customized Meals

At The Pickled Beet, all of our meals are customized to your preferences and needs. We take the guess-work out of it for you, so you’re never caught off-guard or worrying about the ingredients in your food. 

We understand the challenges of label-reading, and the watchfulness required to ensure you’re staying on the dietary course that’s right for your body. Sorting through recipes – whether online or in an actual book – and replacing ingredients to make them fit your needs is not only time-consuming, it can also be exhausting. And then there’s the actual preparation of the food… and what if you don’t like it? 

All of that time can feel wasted. Instead of feeling daunted and disheartened, invite us in to help you out.

Three Ways We View Food

Because our meals are designed specifically for you, we help you navigate the dietary constraints of an illness, food allergies, and we satisfy picky eaters. Our careful process allows us to note your allergies or food needs, and is the foundation for the recipes we use for you. You can rest assured that you won’t have to vet the meals we create for you, because we make them built upon your record. 

We view food as fuel, medicine, and sustenance – and we adapt these three views into all of our customized recipes. 

  • Food as fuel – nutritious meals to enhance your performance. 
  • Food as medicine – healing foods tailored to your unique needs.
  • Food as sustenance – delicious dishes to enhance your overall well-being.
Superfoods For The Win

How to Get Your Meals

Let us handle the menu planning and cooking, freeing you up to enjoy mealtime again! 

Here are the steps to working together: 

  1. Fill out our food questionnaire. 
    • Here you’ll find all kinds of questions about your preferences and restrictions. 
  2. Schedule a 15-minute call 
    • We’ll review your questionnaire. 
    • You’ll get pricing and plan options.
    • We’ll get you on the schedule. 

There’s nothing quite like the nourishing magic of eating foods suited to your specifications, just for your needs. When The Pickled Beet takes on the logistics of meal planning and preparation, you save time… and best of all, you’re spared the stress of ingredient investigation!

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