Tips On Staying Full Longer, Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth, And More

Given how many people are staying home more (or all the time) because of Covid-19, it’s probably an excellent time for a refresher on eating for energy—but without taking in too many calories. A lot of people binge eat when they’re stressed, and plenty of others eat more simply out of sheer boredom. Here are a few tips on ways to feel satisfied without straying too far from a healthy diet. 

How To Stay Satisfied Longer

There are certain foods that can keep you feeling satisfied for longer periods because they take longer to digest. These especially include foods high in protein and/or fiber—and remember to look (and listen) for items with the “crunch factor” to help you choose options such as celery, carrots, and nuts over chips or snack crackers. 

Other tips for feeling fuller longer include staying hydrated, feast on fish instead of meat, and try adding more oats and beans to your diet. 

How To Smartly Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sometimes cabin fever can make you feel like you have not just a sweet tooth, but a whole mouth full of sweet teeth. Rather than chewing on candy, how about some dried or fresh fruit to stave off the desire?

And if you just can’t fight the craving, go at it with a smart plan that includes portion control and balances sweet with sensible in a way that you can walk away a winner, such as eating dark chocolate instead of chocolate cake. 

Want something sweet, delicious, and not terrible for you? Whip up our Healthy Trail Mix recipe.

Watch Out For Distractions

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Research has shown that individuals tend to eat more if they’re distracted by stimuli—such as being glued to the TV news or radio, or when playing video games. Turns out the distraction deadens our tastes so we eat more to compensate for the suddenly milder flavors. So if you’re keeping up with all the latest news, remember to be mindful of how much you’re eating. 

Keeping Your Cool In The Kitchen

Good nutrition choices are foundational to long-term health. But know that taking solace in comfort food on occasion isn’t necessarily the end of the world. So, rather than adding to your stress levels, just make sure you’re not making a habit out of poor eating choices. 

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