We know you have a ton of choices in Miami when it comes to putting meals on the table for your family.

We want to tell you why The Pickled Beet is your best choice. Quite simply, we ARE the best. That’s a bold claim, but we can back it up. 


For the third year in a row, we’ve been ranked among the top 17 personal chef businesses by Expertise, an independent company. This is not a designation we applied for, paid for, or even knew about. 

Their screening process assesses a company’s credibility, reputation, experience, availability and professionalism.  There are only nine other Miami businesses that made their list.


We know that each body has its own nutritional needs and requirements to enable it to function at its optimal level. Our chefs work with you to craft a meal plan that is 100% customized to your unique needs. 


ARCpoint Labs reached out to us to become their exclusive chef partner in Miami. They offer an easy at-home test that will let you (and us) know what foods you’re sensitive to and should eliminate from your diet. That’s important because when you eat foods that you shouldn’t, it triggers an inflammatory reaction. Over time, that can lead to a host of illnesses including cancer and autoimmune disorders. And, when you’re a part of the TPB family, you’ll get a discount on your test. Just enter THEPICKLEDBEET on checkout. 


The Pickled Beet is the only personal chef service in Miami that uses food as medicine. We know food can heal or harm you. It’s all about finding the right foods for you, so your body can overcome an illness or help ward off one. You wouldn’t put diesel in a gasoline engine — why do that to your body?


We prepare all sorts of specific diets: celiac or gluten-free, dairy-free, low FODMAP, low histamine, diabetic, heart-healthy, cancer treatment, keto, paleo, food elimination, weight loss, AIP, and so many more. 


What are we? A personal chef, private chef, meal delivery service? The answer is yes, all of the above. We offer you the same level of customization that you get when you hire a personal or private chef to come to your house. And that’s exactly what we did for 12 years, but we moved into a commercial kitchen last year because many clients didn’t like having a chef taking over their kitchen for five or six hours. 


We prepare meals for our athletic clients that help boost their workouts, speed their recovery from injury, and add longevity to their career. We cook for pro football, baseball, basketball, and hockey players and we help triathletes, gymnasts, and body builders reach their optimal potential. 


The Pickled Beet has been around for 13 years which makes us more than twice as old as most of our Miami counterparts. 


We stopped using contracts years ago. Our clients love our food and service, so they simply aren’t necessary. Besides, don’t you already have enough obligations?


Whether you’re here on business or vacation, you can take advantage of our same 100% customized meals during your stay. After a long day in the conference room or on the beach, do you really want to fight the Miami traffic to go out?

We know you have a lot of choices for your meals, but if you’ve read this far you know our service is as unique as our name.

In fact, we chose “The Pickled Beet” as our mantle for that very reason. It stands out …and so does our service. To give us a try, just complete this food questionnaire so we can get started on custom-crafting meals for you and your family. 

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